4G: Not Without its Pitfalls

4G is the most current innovation used for the delivery of internet to shopping center retailers.  Although this technology is viable for failover, it is more important to ask why this is even being considered.  The obvious reason is the current internet doesn’t meet the need, as discussed in a previous post. After speaking to retailer IT […]

What’s Killing the Internet

Slow and unreliable…two words that summarize today’s internet.  For the retail community, they have to deal with the impacts on the cost of network builds, the introduction of innovation and the customer experience. With over 70% year over year growth in demand, this will only get worse.  For the retailer, the problems are compounded with […]

Keeping it Simple for the Small Medium Businesses

There is an absence of easy-to-understand posts for the small business owner and their telecom possibilities.  Please stay tuned as we plan on sharing our knowledge with our readers.  In the meantime, please stop by our Professional Services and Telecom Equipment sections to learn more about how we can help. Thank You, The folks at Achieve IP