4G is the most current innovation used for the delivery of internet to shopping center retailers.  Although this technology is viable for failover, it is more important to ask why this is even being considered.  The obvious reason is the current internet doesn’t meet the need, as discussed in a previous post.

After speaking to retailer IT experts who have implemented 4G, there does seem to be some limitations to the 4G service.

Deployment of 4G may be in your future, but is this really the best solution or the best alternative?

Let’s get smart with quality wired internet, but to do this, your voice needs to be heard.  Please leave a reply and share your thoughts.  Your comments will be encouraging to other readers.

PS, if you are about to sign a PO for a 4G network, contact Achieve IP first.

Voice and Data for Shopping Centres is a series of posts, discussing the problems and impacts of voice and data in the retail community.  This series will give the reader an inside look at how Achieve IP is working with the property owners to rethink the shopping centre network and learn about the benefits to the retailer.