CIO Overview

According to a recent report from Robert Half, 63% of CIOs find it difficult to find skilled professionals yet 17% plan to expand their IT departments. Alternatively, why not rid the IT department of the menial tasks that are easy to manage but painful to administer? Working with shopping centre property owners, Achieve IP utilizes […]

Dollars and Sense: Change is Good

At first glance, building future-ready networks in shopping centres can be a headache and with a build cost of about $50,000 per regional shopping centre, can be a costly decision without the right strategy. In most shopping centres, the network is out-dated, the retailers have to fend for themselves and there is no strategy to improve […]

4G: Not Without its Pitfalls

4G is the most current innovation used for the delivery of internet to shopping center retailers.  Although this technology is viable for failover, it is more important to ask why this is even being considered.  The obvious reason is the current internet doesn’t meet the need, as discussed in a previous post. After speaking to retailer IT […]

Managing Voice and Data Suppliers in Retail

National retailers deal with multiple suppliers for different products (internet, voice, hardware, etc.) and regions.  A problem that will only get worse as Wi-Fi, video and failover internet requirements grow.  Not easily measured is the cost to your company.  For the larger retailers, this cost is in the six digits and for everyone, this cost is […]

Outdated Shopping Centre Networks Cost Retail

Limitations of the shopping center network make it challenging and costly for the retailer to implement technology.  This impacts the retailer’s internet, telephone, Wi-Fi, video, and more.  In most case, the retailer is left with the cost of building their own network for the implementation of new technology. Without a future-ready network in the shopping […]

What’s Killing the Internet

Slow and unreliable…two words that summarize today’s internet.  For the retail community, they have to deal with the impacts on the cost of network builds, the introduction of innovation and the customer experience. With over 70% year over year growth in demand, this will only get worse.  For the retailer, the problems are compounded with […]

Voice and Data Problems in the Shopping Centre

Written specifically for retailers located in shopping centers, this series of blogs will identify the impacts of the major problems in data and telecom for the retail industry.  Please follow these posts for an inside look at how Achieve IP is working with the property owners to rethink data and telecom (voice) for the shopping centre […]