Limitations of the shopping center network make it challenging and costly for the retailer to implement technology.  This impacts the retailer’s internet, telephone, Wi-Fi, video, and more.  In most case, the retailer is left with the cost of building their own network for the implementation of new technology.

Without a future-ready network in the shopping center, the gap continues to widen and the retailer continues to expect:

These impacts cost retailers thousands per location.

There is an ideal alternative, but your voice is important and needs to be heard.  Please leave us a reply and share your thoughts.  You comments will be encouragement for other readers.

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Voice and Data for Shopping Centres is a series of posts, discussing the problems and impacts of voice and data in the retail community.  This series will give the reader an inside look at how Achieve IP is working with the property owners to rethink the shopping centre network and learn about the benefits to the retailer.