According to a recent report from Robert Half, 63% of CIOs find it difficult to find skilled professionals yet 17% plan to expand their IT departments. Alternatively, why not rid the IT department of the menial tasks that are easy to manage but painful to administer?

Working with shopping centre property owners, Achieve IP utilizes a fully-managed and future-ready network for the betterment of the retailer. Align your IT staff with new project that drive the organization’s revenue such as Omni-channel, HPR, mobility applications, cloud, etc. It is more rewarding for the employee and money well spent for the organization. Why pay an IT person to sit on hold because the internet is down at a retail location or worry about an upcoming install?

Achieve IP allows your IT dept to focus on new projects that drive the revenue. This isn’t about outsourcing IT or costly professional services agreements; it’s about using a supplier that has a Canada – US solution to simplify the management of data (voice, internet, etc.) transport on new fully-managed networks in the shopping centre environment. Electronic billing, web administration, fast reliable internet, 5 day installation windows, and a single speed dial for security across all shopping centre locations are just a few of the highlights.

A recent CIO magazine suggests CIOs rate the following highly in a strategic partner:
• “Collaborates on new features or products for our mutual benefit”
• “Is open to entering into joint ventures with shared risk and reward”
• “Provides free relevant advice”
• “Vendor’s staff acts as a seamless extension of our own IT staff”
With no investment required by the retailer, the Achieve IP model is disruptive without apology, and does this at a level that has never before been seen by the retail community.

With reliable fast data more important than ever before and no upstart costs, it’s time to act.