Written specifically for retailers located in shopping centers, this series of blogs will identify the impacts of the major problems in data and telecom for the retail industry.  Please follow these posts for an inside look at how Achieve IP is working with the property owners to rethink data and telecom (voice) for the shopping centre and the learn about the huge benefits for the retailer.

Achieve IP has recognized two huge problems that stand out beyond the rest:

  1. Retailers and property owners procure data and telecom in an ‘every company for them self’  approach.
  2. The shopping center data networks are not keeping up with the demands of technology.

These two leading problems cost retailers and property owners over $250,000,000 per year[1].

At an operational level, the #1 headache is the lack of reliability in the internet.

From me, you can expect raw honesty.  I do not have something to sell, but have the knowledge, experience and the team to resolve the outstanding problems.  In return for my transparency, I hope to earn your trust and gain your support.

Your voice is important and needs to be heard!!  Please leave a reply below.  Your name and any information to show your support would be great and would be an encouragement to others stopping by to visit the post.


[1] Based on super regional, regional and community shopping centers in Canada and the US.