At first glance, building future-ready networks in shopping centres can be a headache and with a build cost of about $50,000 per regional shopping centre, can be a costly decision without the right strategy.

In most shopping centres, the network is out-dated, the retailers have to fend for themselves and there is no strategy to improve on the model.  For the property owner, this costs money, directly and indirectly and delivers no NOI opportunity.  The only winner is the ISP and the telephone supplier.

Working with Achieve IP nets a positive impact on the property owner’s NOI.  The model is simple to execute and does not require a capital investment from the property owner.  The highlights:

All this means is increased NOI and creates a win-win-win for the property owner, the retailer, and the customer experience.  Please contact us to further discuss what this means for your properties and tenants.

ICT in Retail is written specifically for retailers in shopping centers, this is one, in a series of blogs, discussing the problems and impacts of ICT in the retail industry.  This series will also give the reader and inside look at how Achieve IP is working with the property owners to rethink ICT for the shopping centre environment and the huge benefits to the retailer.