Lure of the Sparkle: IP PBX in Retail

National retailers are looking to large enterprise IP PBX solutions to solve their basic needs.  For most retailers this is overkill and there are alternatives that are more sensible.  However, the limitations on the shopping center data network make it difficult to access the alternatives. IP PBX is promoted by the vendor as the only […]

Telephone Vendors: Selling Only What They Have

Telecom hardware or desktop solutions have gone through unprecedented change in the last few years.  Once an industry with only a handful of legacy PBXs (Nortel, Avaya, NEC, Mitel, Toshiba), telecom has seen an introduction of suppliers from the data industry, soft-switch manufactures, and open source providers.  The telephony delivery model compounds this change with hosted PBXs, […]

IP PBX: Great Hype or Good Value

Thinking of upgrading your phone system?  Here is a simple quiz: name seven features that you use on your existing phone system then name seven more that you will use on your new fancy IP PBX.  If you found these questions easy to answer, you are one of the very few and can consider yourself […]

Data and Telecom Equipment Definitions

The IT and telecom industry use standard terms to describe the condition or state of the equipment.  I have added this to assist with discussions when procuring this equipment. Grey Market – new equipment usually from acquired outside of the regional suppliers territory.  This equipment is brand new right from the manufacture and is sold […]

A New PBX: Paying for the Sparkle

When was the last time your IT company suggested remanufactured ICT equipment instead of new?  Refurbished / remanufactured equipment is recognized by Cisco, Avaya and most of the other major manufactures of ICT (telecom included) equipment, but rarely is it presented as a solution to the customer. Here is what Cisco is saying about refurbished […]

Keeping it Simple for the Small Medium Businesses

There is an absence of easy-to-understand posts for the small business owner and their telecom possibilities.  Please stay tuned as we plan on sharing our knowledge with our readers.  In the meantime, please stop by our Professional Services and Telecom Equipment sections to learn more about how we can help. Thank You, The folks at Achieve IP