When was the last time your IT company suggested remanufactured ICT equipment instead of new? 

Refurbished / remanufactured equipment is recognized by Cisco, Avaya and most of the other major manufactures of ICT (telecom included) equipment, but rarely is it presented as a solution to the customer.

Here is what Cisco is saying about refurbished equipment:
“Green and environmentally friendly.  Low price and budget friendly.  And that’s just the beginning of the benefits you get with Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment.  Remanufactured to exacting standards in Cisco’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment carries the same warranty as new equipment and offers all the financial strength of Cisco Capital.  You get Cisco Certified protection for a fraction of the cost of new equipment, reducing your total cost of ownership.” http://www.cisco.com/web/ordering/ciscocapital/refurbished/index.html

Similar to us, Cisco and others get their equipment from lease returns, warranty returns, and even manufactured discontinued that has never left the warehouse.  When a vendor is only quoting on new it raises some questions.

Achieve IP can assist with the procurement of many of these items through negotiation with existing vendors or from our internal channels.  Remanufactured phones, switches, and accessories are not uncommon requests.  Customers enjoy our prices, lifetime warranty and especially our delivery time frames with the Cisco products.

Best of Success,
Warren Tkachuk.